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How Child Abuse Lawyers Help

How A South Bay Child Abuse Lawyer Can Help You

Child abuse is not always obvious and often goes undetected.  Every year, millions of children are abused and/or molested in the United States.  The Law Offices of Sanford Jossen has advocated for abuse and molestation victims in Los Angeles, Torrance, and surrounding areas for almost thirty years.  A skilled child abuse lawyer in Los Angeles, Mr. Jossen litigates cases in state, federal and appellate courts, and he handles a variety of abuse cases, including:

The many faces of child abuse

Child abuse is often an insidious crime in which victims are often afraid to talk about what happened to them and which observers are reluctant to report.  However, approximately five children die every day from child abuse–the majority of whom are under age four. Abuse has many faces, including:

  • Neglect by caregivers
  • Foster care abuse
  • Institutional neglect/abuse
  • Strains, fractures and broken bones
  • Emotional abuse
  • Shaken baby syndrome
  • Sexual molestation and abuse

While federal and California law provides for criminal prosecution of child abusers, the law also allows victims to file civil lawsuits against perpetrators to obtain compensation for their pain and suffering. However, these cases require specialized knowledge and not just a general personal injury attorney. These cases often involve government claims against municipal agencies such as the County of Los Angeles, Unified School Districts, or the State of California and its agencies. You need to hire an attorney who has experience with various claims filing procedures or you could lose your rights if a claim is not filed on time. These cases require the acquisition of specific documents from State and local agencies and you need to hire an attorney who knows where to obtain these documents and who to obtain them from. Sometimes acquisition of these discovery documents involves special procedures. You need an attorney who know how to get the records regarding your child and from who. This is a highly complex and specialized area. An attorney who just handles car accidents is not the right attorney for this kind of claim and this lack of experience or knowledge of this area could cost you. We know how to do these claims. These cases also involve highly technical areas of damages and require an attorney who understands the psychological components of these cases and has worked with experts in these areas.

What to do if abuse occurs

If there is imminent danger or threat of child abuse, contact emergency services immediately.  Other steps you can take include:

  • Assure the child that you believe him or her and can help.
  • Tell the child you are contacting others who also can help.
  • Let professionals help the child tell his or her story—do not press for details.
  • Do not respond emotionally or judgmentally to the child’s story—such responses only raise the child’s emotional stress.
  • File a report with the proper government agencies.
  • If law enforcement or child services are unresponsive, contact a mental health professional with experience in child abuse cases.
  • Do not give up—a child’s life may depend on it.

Child abuse lawyers in Los Angeles help repair the damage done

The criminal courts can and do prosecute child abusers and help prevent further abuse from occurring.  However, the criminal justice system does not obtain compensation for the damages endured by your child.  Contact the Law Offices of Sanford Jossen online or call 310-546-9118 today to discuss your situation.  While compensation does not erase the abuse, it can pay for the help victims need to build a normal life and get the mental health counseling they need.