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School Negligence and Neglect

Negligent Care of Children by Schools and other Facilities

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Children suffer all kinds of serious injuries in school, such as sexual molestation, assault, burns, broken bones, head injuries and injuries resulting in hospitalization.  These cases require specialized knowledge that not all general personal injury attorneys may have. If the school is a public school, a government claim is required. The period for making a claim is shortened compared to general personal injury claims and there are specialized procedures. Private schools , pre-schools and daycare centers may be licensed by State law and special claims must be made. Knowledge of the Education Code and school requirements is also necessary. We have been making these claims for seriously injured children for more than 30 years. We know the claims procedures and the government entities know us.

California school abuse and neglect attorney Sanford Jossen has significant experience advocating on behalf of children’s rights in Los Angeles County courts, including cases involving school negligence, negligent supervision of students, negligent investigation, training and hiring of teachers and violations of statute. See our child abuse and child neglect pages for more information about our expertise in this area.

Schools May be Liable for Accidents & Injuries Occurring on their Premises

When a child suffers a serious injury at school, many circumstances could have led to the incident, from dangerous playground equipment to lack of adequate supervision to outright negligence in maintaining a safe environment for children. Too often, however, parents and teachers blame children’s injuries on children’s behavior rather than their surroundings. In cases of assault, molestation or abuse, the school system may have known or should have known of a dangerous individual, but failed to take sufficient action to protect potential victims. We have handled school negligence and neglect cases involving:

  • Molestation of children
  • Playground and premises accidents
  • Assaults involving teachers, other students, and third parties
  • Negligent supervision
  • Inappropriate behavior, including molestation by teachers

At the Law Offices of Sanford Jossen, we recognize that budget cuts and overcrowding in California schools has not only diminished the quality of education received by students, but also may affect the safety and integrity of the environment in which our children learn and interact. By holding schools accountable for student accidents and child abuse, our goal is to obtain maximum compensation for victims, and help ensure schools take proper measures to protect children from injuries and harms in the future.

An Example of a School Negligence Case

Our firm recently handled a high-profile case involving a local Unified School District and its failure to suspend or fire a substitute teacher who was investigated for sexual misconduct involving students three times while working for the district. Before any arrest was made, the substitute teacher left the school district where he was working and got a job at a second school district where he began teaching. The substitute teacher taught in the second school district for nearly three years until a videotape was discovered showing him molesting a second-grade girl in his classroom! We represented the second grade girl in a civil suit asserting that the first school district never reported to the state authorities that the substitute teacher had numerous incidents of alleged molestation of children in school. We sued the second school district for failing to investigate the background of the teacher before hiring him. A seven figure settlement was achieved and our client will receive money for life. We accomplished this without our client having to give a deposition or suffer the embarrassment of having to testify at trial.  Learn more about the case in this Los Angeles Times article article. We took great pride in being able to help this beautiful little girl who was tragically violated.

School abuse and neglect lawyer in El Segundo, California

If your child or a child you know has been the victim of school negligence, negligent supervision, inappropriate conduct by a teacher with a child or other neglect in the Los Angeles or South Bay area or anywhere in the State of California, do not hesitate to contact us online or call toll free at 866.862.6607 for a complimentary consultation. We take our role as children’s advocates very seriously, and will do everything we can to help your family in your time of need. Se habla español.