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Parents are concerned, and rightfully so, about their children being exposed to sex crimes through the Internet. Sexual predators and child porn rings have much easier access to children today because of social media, cell phones and other digital devices children use. At the Law Offices of Sanford Jossen, located in El Segundo, we help parents pursue civil litigation. You can discuss the process of holding perpetrators accountable for damages with an experienced attorney.

What is an Internet sex crime?

For the most part, Internet sex crime involves either child pornography, which is sexual exploitation under California statutes or Internet use as a means of contacting children for child molestation or sexual abuse. Internet crime can involve showing children sexually explicit materials, involving them in sexual chats or arranging meetings with them for the purpose of engaging in sexual activities.

Internet sex crime is a new area of law that California statutes do not categorize as different from sex crime in general. The same statute of limitations applies for bring a civil lawsuit — eight years after reaching the age of 18 or up to three years after the date of discovery, which means the date when the person discovers or reasonably should have discovered the related psychological injury or illness after reaching the age of 18.

How can parents determine whether their child is a victim of an Internet predator?

Warning signs that your child may be the victim of an online predator often come in the form of gifts to download music, movies and games online. Your children may start going on the Internet more often than usual at night, or become secretive about online activity, cell phone calls or text messages. You may notice your teen being anxious or friends may comment on the fact your teenager is spending less time with them and more time alone. Exercising greater control over the devices your children use and monitoring them may provide clues about an Internet predator.

Stopping Internet predators through law enforcement

Local, state and federal authorities and especially the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) operate stings in online chat rooms to catch sexual predators. You can always report your suspicions to local police, who already may be watching or investigating certain individuals based on other reports.

While we mostly think of Internet sex crime as a type of sexual child abuse, adults also can be subject to Internet sex crimes. Predators can use the Internet to locate, entice, trap and then rape an individual. The Internet is simply a medium to commit the same type of sex crime done through other communication means in the past.

Suing for damages

When your child or you suffer injury through an Internet sex crime, you have the right to sue for economic, noneconomic and in some cases punitive damages by bringing a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator.

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