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Mr. Jossen has an active mediation practice. Mr. Jossen has been an Arbitrator and Mediator since 1987. He served on the Arbitration panel of the Los Angeles Superior Court since 1987. He served on the Mediation panel of the Los Angeles Superior Court since its inception. At the conclusion of the Los Angeles Superior Court mediation program, Mr. Jossen is on the executive board of the mediation panel.  He serves on the California Court of Appeal Settlement Officers Panel and on the Settlement Officers Panel of the United States District Court. Mr. Jossen is also on the panel of the American Arbitration Association. Over his 30-year mediation/arbitration career, Mr. Jossen has presided over approximately 3,000 matters.

In addition, Mr. Jossen has regularly represented his own clients in Mediation and Arbitration proceedings both pre-and post initiation of litigation involving cases of all kinds. This includes contractual arbitration including under and uninsured motorists matters.

When parties cannot reach agreements, mediation can often bring about results.  Mediation is a non-binding intervention between disputing parties to arrive at a resolution, reconciliation, settlement or compromise.  The Law Offices of Sanford Jossen provides mediation and arbitration services to clients in Los Angeles.  Mr. Jossen will travel anywhere to participate in a Mediation or Arbitration. Mr. Jossen will also conduct Mediations and Arbitrations in his offices which feature 2 conference e rooms, free parking, and close proximity to LAX and El Segundo.

The Benefits of a Los Angeles Mediation Law firm

Mr. Jossen began his mediation practice in 1987 as an arbitrator for the Los Angeles Superior Court.  Mr. Jossen has been a mediator for the Los Angeles Superior Court since the inception of the program and continues to work in the Federal court and the California Court of Appeal.  Based on his extensive litigation experience in representing plaintiffs, he understands and can relate to all parties in a mediation and work toward viable solutions. Mr. Jossen has taken numerous courses in Mediation and is an Adjunct Professor as part of the Strauss Institute of Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine Law School. Whether its facilitative, evaluative or improvisational mediation, Mr. Jossen works to get the case settled. As a litigator, Mr. Jossen understands the expense of the alternative to a mediated settlement.

Many business contracts require the parties to employ mediation or arbitration as the initial step in resolving disputes.  In some contracts, mediation or arbitration is the only allowed method of dispute resolution.  In fact, mediation is increasingly used as a first choice for resolving contentious situations because it is:

  • Less costly than litigation
  • Ensures privacy
  • Enables all parties to voice concerns
  • Can result in more amicable solutions

Work with a Los Angeles Arbitration Attorney

Arbitration is a dispute or grievance resolution process used outside the court system and an impartial third party adjudicates a finding that may or may not be binding.  Mr. Jossen has been a panelist with the American Arbitration Association (AAA) for more than 15 years.  He handles both mediations and arbitrations for the AAA and arbitrates numerous disputes, including:

  • Business disputes including breach of contract
  • Personal injury matters of all kinds
  • Business dissolutions
  • Trade secret matters

Mr. Jossen also has a thorough knowledge of attorney-client issues.  He has been a member of the Los Angeles and the Beverly Hills County Bar Association Attorney Client Bar Committee for 20 years and has arbitrated hundreds of attorney-client and attorney fee distribution matters.

Disputes can be handled effectively

Going to court to handle disputes is costly and time consuming, often resulting in further hostility and less cooperation.  Mediation and arbitration can frequently provide a better, less stressful and, less costly solution.  Contact the Law Offices of Sanford Jossen online or call 888-671-3718 to today to discuss your mediation or arbitration needs.

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