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A sudden injury can burden anyone with overwhelming financial uncertainty on top of physical damage and emotional trauma. When your health, job, family and future are impacted by an accident, it may be in your best interest to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. At the Law Offices of Sanford Jossen in El Segundo, we provide dedicated representation to clients in the South Bay and throughout California who have been hurt in auto accidents and other types of incidents. Attorney Sanford Jossen possesses more than 39 years of experience helping victims collect substantial compensation.

Determined lawyer works to establish liability of drivers and property owners

Hiring a law firm focused on your personal needs may be the most important decision you make after an accident. As you seek to hold a defendant accountable for the costs of your injury, establishing fault and calculating damages are crucial steps. Careful attention to detail is required to counter insurance company tactics and obtain the best results.

Handling insurance companies on your own can be exhausting and frustrating. Claims adjusters may try to minimize their company’s liability by minimizing their policyholder’s fault. Delays might also be used to pressure victims into inadequate settlements.  Our firm has vast experience contesting unfair claims decisions and establishing the full scope of costs for which insurers are liable. We work to make the insurance claim process as expedient and stress-free as possible.

In addition to negotiating with insurance companies, we help our clients:

  • Arrange for medical care that does not require payment until a claim or lawsuit is resolved
  • Obtain necessary automobile repairs or a temporary replacement
  • Claim compensation for the period during which a vehicle is inoperable

If the insurer fails to make an appropriate offer, we are prepared to litigate. While you concentrate on your physical recovery, our staff will aggressively pursue the compensation you need to get your life back on track.

Experienced litigator pursues maximum financial recovery for injured clients

Whether negotiating a settlement with an insurance company or seeking a just outcome before a jury, we are passionate advocates for our clients. We represent individuals harmed in:

  • Car accidents — Distracted driving, intoxication and speeding are among the many behaviors that lead to car accidents. We carefully collect and review evidence to establish the fault of liable parties.
  • Truck accidents — A collision with a big rig or bus may send a victim to the hospital with catastrophic injuries. We skillfully oppose the tactics trucking companies and their insurers employ to avoid liability.
  • Motorcycle accidents — A Harley rider with decades of experience, Attorney Jossen understands the difficulties motorcyclists face when trying to prove that a car or truck drivers caused a crash. Our firm litigates passionately on behalf of injured bikers.
  • Bicycle accidents — A bicycle accident or pedestrian accident may have devastating consequences, including the need for long-term medical treatment that prevents a victim from returning to work. We make every effort to help injured cyclists obtain the resources they need.
  • Premises liability accidents — Property owners who fail to fix damaged floors, broken handrails or other hazardous property conditions may be made to cover the costs of slips, trips, falls and other accidents that result in injury.
  • Animal attacks — A dog bite may cause permanent scarring or disfigurement along with lingering emotional trauma. Dog owners are responsible when their pets attack without provocation.

We take pride in helping clients obtain compensation for past and future medical bills, lost income from time off work, property repairs and the sizeable toll of pain and suffering.

Knowledgeable counselor offers victims an informed assessment of their case

Filing a personal injury claim or wrongful death action is a highly emotional experience. We make a commitment to provide honest and responsive communication to our clients at every stage of a case, to help ease the burden of uncertainty many people feel after an accident. Our work starts with a fair assessment of the merits of your claim, the possibility of obtaining compensation and the size of the recovery that may be available to you. We are straightforward and compassionate so you can manage your expectations as you move forward from your injury.

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