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Child neglect is the most common type of child abuse.  However, because neglect is an act of omission, meaning that someone has not done what they are supposed to or what the law requires of them, it often goes undetected, and victims suffer needlessly.  Located in El Segundo, the Law Offices of Sanford Jossen has represented numerous child neglect victims in Torrance, Los Angeles, the South Bay and other areas of California for nearly three decades. Mr. Jossen is known as a knowledgeable, experienced and formidable advocate for children and handles all types of child abuse, neglect and molestation cases, including:

What is Child Neglect?

Child neglect is a behavior pattern in which the caregiver fails to adequately supervise the child, provide properly trained care-givers, fails to properly background check care-givers, or provide for the child’s needs. Neglect may manifest as:

  • Physical Neglect. Physical neglect constitutes failing to provide for a child’s physical needs including:
    • Food and shelter
    • Appropriate clothing
    • Physical safety
    • Medical care
  • Emotional Neglect. This type of neglect includes a failure to provide for a child’s emotional needs (support, love and affection), including psychological care. Signs of neglect may include
    • Poor hygiene/inappropriate dress
    • Lack of supervision
    • Unattended medical needs
    • Constant hunger
    • Serious weight abnormalities
    • Depression or other emotional problems
    • Anti-social behaviors
  • Other types of Neglect
    • Failure to provide sufficient adult supervision on premises

Child Neglect laws

California and federal child neglect laws make it mandatory to report neglect that is an act or omission harming or threatening to harm the child’s health or welfare.  Parties who must report include but are not limited to:

  • Youth organization employees
  • Public assistance workers
  • Social workers
  • Health care personnel
  • Police personnel
  • Clergy members
  • Photography print professionals

The law also protects victims of child neglect through criminal prosecution and civil lawsuits.  Damages obtained through civil lawsuits can be used to pay for a victim’s emotional and physical recovery.

How our El Segundo Child Neglect Lawyer can help

Mr. Jossen handles a great number of child neglect and abuse cases and is devoted to protecting the victims’ rights.  His goal and commitment to you is to ensure your child is removed from the abusive source, suffers no future abuse and is compensated for his or her emotional and physical suffering. Wherever you live in Los Angeles or anywhere in California, a lawyer can help you.  Contact us online or call 888-671-3718 today and schedule a free consultation. Please note we do NOT handle cases regarding Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

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