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El Segundo firm advocates for injured cyclists throughout Southern California

More than 3,000 bicycle accidents occur each year in Los Angeles County. For some of the victims, life is never the same after their crash. Located in El Segundo, the Law Offices of Sanford Jossen draws on decades of legal experience to help Southern California cyclists recover damages to cover their medical bills, lost income and other harm resulting from others’ carelessness.

Common causes of bicycle accidents

Whether you’re a cyclist who was hit in a car accident or got hurt in a crash that did not involve another vehicle, our firm can get to work immediately to start building the strongest possible case. We handle a wide array of bicycle injury claims, including matters arising out of accidents caused by:

  • Inattentive motorists — There are more distractions than ever competing for a driver’s attention. While many motorists believe they can operate their vehicle safely while multitasking, these people are usually looking for a car, rather than a bicycle, out of the corner of their eye. If you suspect the driver of the vehicle that struck you was focused on something else, we can review the relevant data, police reports and witness accounts to determine if an inattentive motorist caused your injury.
  • Unsafe driving — Speeding, sloppy turns and unsafe lane changes are always dangerous, but interactions between bikes and cars are particularly perilous when motorists aren’t following the rules. When warranted, our firm retains accident reconstruction experts to demonstrate a link between the unsafe driving and the collision. 
  • Hazardous road conditions — A small amount of debris or a poorly designed intersection could trigger a catastrophic bicycle crash. Government bodies, construction companies and other businesses that create unsafe road conditions should be held liable for the consequences of their negligence.

We know that tactics that insurance companies and defendants use to try to escape liability and fight to maximize the money you receive in a trial or settlement.

Dedicated advocate represents bikers with all types of injuries

Without the protection that comes with a car or truck that weighs thousands of pounds, bicycle riders are more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries. Even if you are wearing a helmet, the force of a collision with a car or the ground could cause a concussion or some other type of traumatic brain injury. You could also suffer spinal damage, ligament tears and broken bones, which may mean months or even years of treatment. That’s why it is essential to hire a proven California personal injury attorney who not only goes after defendants for medical bills that have already accumulated, but develops a well-founded assessment of future healthcare expenses that injured bikers will likely incur. Attorney Sanford Jossen consults with doctors and other experts to make sure that the amount requested in a lawsuit or settlement demand meets victims’ current and future needs.

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