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Regardless of the size or breed involved, a dog bite that requires you to obtain medical treatment is a serious matter. The Law Offices of Sanford Jossen litigates claims stemming from dog bites and other types of pet attacks so that injured individuals can collect fair payment for the physical and psychological harm that was inflicted. Representing clients throughout Southern California, we have an extensive track record of achieving strong results for people hurt in dog attacks and other incidents.

How California’s dog bite law affects your claims

California has a strict liability dog bite law, which means that even if a pet owner was not aware of their animal’s dangerous nature, they still must compensate victims. This differs from the “one bite rule” used by states that require plaintiffs to show that the defendant had some knowledge of the animal’s propensity to bite people based on a previous incident or other information. You have two years from the date of the dog bite to commence litigation, but waiting could make it harder to build the strongest possible case. Contacting an experienced injury lawyer promptly can increase your chances for a successful resolution and accelerate the date of your financial recovery.

Skillful litigator works to establish liability in dog bite cases

In some cases, dog owners and their insurance companies attempt to avoid their legal responsibility by raising one or more of the following legal defenses:

  • Trespass — Victims are entitled to damages if they were bitten while in public or lawfully on private property. When an attack occurs on the dog owner’s property and he or she tries to allege that the plaintiff was trespassing, we fight to protect the victim’s right to a monetary recovery.
  • Victim misconduct — Someone who is taunting or otherwise provoking a dog might be prevented from obtaining reimbursement for any injuries that result. If this defense is used, a dog owner’s lawyer could try to mischaracterize a victim’s innocent actions. Our firm investigates what happened thoroughly to counter unwarranted assertions.
  • Police and military work — Dogs perform various functions for law enforcement and our armed forces. When proper policies are in place, police departments and government bodies are not liable for bites that occur in the course of a dog’s service. We can advise you of your legal options if you’ve been hurt by a working animal.

The legal standard is different for cases where a dog causes injury without biting the victim. For instance, if you’re hurt when a large dog knocks you down, you must show that the owner was negligent to collect damages. We examine the facts in your case and press to prove the defendant’s culpability.

Damages available to victims of animal attacks

When representing plaintiffs in dog bite cases, we conduct a thorough review to quantify the amount of economic and noneconomic damages resulting from the incident. You can collect reimbursement for your medical expenses, income lost if you missed work and the loss of earning capacity linked to your condition. We also know that an attack from another person’s pet could cause lasting emotional harm along with pain and suffering. During trials and settlement negotiations, we advocate for a resolution that includes those noneconomic damages as well.

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You should not be liable for the costs associated with a bite from someone else’s dog. The Law Offices of Sanford Jossen in El Segundo provides effective legal representation for Los Angeles County victims of animal attacks. To set up a free consultation, please call 888-671-3718 or contact us online. Se habla español.

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